Do different mining lasers give u different stuff?'

Warblade gossips, 'yes and no. the higher grade you go
the more stuffs you get; the pick and the level 1
Laser will never return gold'

17:29 Warblade gossips, 'but'

17:29 You gossip, 'oh really'

17:29 You gossip, 'higher grade laser?'

17:29 Warblade gossips, 'I think if you're mining for...silver for example, you stick with lev2 or lev1 they return highest chance for silver'

17:29 Warblade gossips, 'so lev4 will return almost everything'

17:30 Warblade gossips, 'but if you're looking for a specific thing the chance is smaller'

17:30 Warblade gossips, 'unless you're mining dilithium'

17:30 You gossip, 'you mean level 1 laser, not level 1 floor level?'

17:30 Warblade gossips, 'lev1 laser'

17:30 You gossip, 'so why not just use level 4?'

17:31 Warblade gossips, 'cause if you are only wanting silver it can take ages to get enough with lev4'

17:31 You gossip, 'ah'

17:31 You gossip, 'so if i want silver, use level 2'

17:31 Warblade gossips, 'can't remember 2 or 1'

17:31 Warblade gossips, 'I think 2'

17:32 You gossip, 'roger'

17:32 Warblade gossips, 'but then lev2 doesn't hit diamond that often'

17:32 Warblade gossips, 'heh'

17:32 Warblade gossips, 'so it's all depending on what you want'

17:33 You gossip, 'so level3 is the gold/diamond?'

17:33 Warblade gossips, 'lev3's for gold I believe'

17:33 Warblade gossips, 'best chance for diamonds is lev4'

17:34 You gossip, 'cool, good to know'

17:34 Uriah gossips, 'put that on the wiki :P'

17:34 You gossip, 'good idea'

17:34 Warblade gossips, 'there's a book in here, on a mob, that tells the tricks of mining'

17:34 You gossip, 'how do i do that hehe'

17:34 You gossip, 'oh really'

17:34 Uriah gossips, 'its a wiki, you just join and make changes'

17:34 You gossip, 'how deep is this mob?'

17:35 Warblade gossips, 'the mob is easy to kill on its own, but you ahve to lure it from its friends'

17:35 Warblade gossips, 'it's one of the miners'

17:35 Warblade gossips, 'drinking at the bar and grill place'

17:35 Warblade gossips, 'at mtc'

17:37 You gossip, 'where's that, trading center?'

17:37 Warblade gossips, 'midtown trading center'

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