Warblade gossips, 'btw, wiki this info...if you have perm sanct and you get counter/dispeled by a mob, simply type save will refresh your sanct'

You gossip, 'oh really, i usually take off the item and rewear it'
Warblade gossips, 'and tell them also that counter/dispel sanct ammo will help them kill shit alot faster'
Warblade gossips, 'lol'
Warblade gossips, 'nub'
You gossip, 'my method doesn't work?'
Warblade gossips, 'it does just slower'
Warblade gossips, 'typing save alot faster'
You gossip, 'that's def easier'
You gossip, 'dispel sanct ammo is like all in the black market, nubs can't get to it :P'
Warblade gossips, 'nah there are some they can get just harder'
Warblade gossips, 'think notraps the southern cyborg sells some good ammo'
Warblade gossips, 'and you can actually get some dispel ammo from resident evil'

You gossip, 'whaaaaat, where'
Warblade gossips, 'sometimes when you search in the mansion you find armor piercing shells'
Warblade gossips, 'those counter sanct I think'

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