19:25 You gossip, 'i should probably get a good melee weapon so this psionic bounce back stops frying my face off'
19:25 Warblade gossips, 'or get a secondary gun'
19:25 Warblade gossips, 'heh'
19:25 You gossip, 'what you mean, what ammo type doesn't bounce back?'
19:25 Warblade gossips, 'any ammo that don't do grenade'
19:25 Warblade gossips, 'clip/shell are generally good'
19:25 You gossip, 'wow never knew that'
19:26 You gossip, 'i thought it was the energy ammo'
19:26 Warblade gossips, 'rocket/energy/area types usually bounce if mobs got mirror'
19:26 Warblade gossips, 'cause they usually got grenade attached to them'
19:27 You gossip, 'i should wiki that lol'

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